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Our focus is narrow. We aim to hand-craft intelligent table tennis furniture and accessories for our clients.

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Re-inventing Table Tennis Tables

Why did you re-invent the table tennis table?

We get this question all the time.

As obsessed table tennis players and woodworking craftsmen, we challenged ourselves to reinvent the table tennis experience starting with how the table is stored and ultimately displayed. Unfortunately, for years, owners of tables were forced to store a conventional half-fold table with the underside being an eyesore in your garage or backyard. Not to mention the limits on bringing table-top tennis into space-constrained city lofts and apartments. Well, the thinking has changed thanks to the engineering at Polite. 

Our patent-pending table design features the most unique way to store and display a table-top tennis table. Some may call it floor art or a chalkboard or a giant picture frame. Whatever your table becomes for you, we know that our unconventional approach will be appreciated by you for many years and matches to come.

Polite tables are hand-made with old growth vintage wood and stylish brackets/fixtures. To make this conversation piece even more special, we can personalize the actual table top with your photos, a chalkboard finish, or art reprints.

You can practice your drives, chops, spins and drop shots on a premier playing surface and store and display as an iconic piece of furniture in your home or office.

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